Count your blessings #1

Thursday, January 09, 2014 15 Comments

In between the studying, to keep my head up & keep my heart strong.

On the initiative of Zilverblauw

♥ receiving lovely fabrics by mail ♥ a snow globe owl ♥ fruit snacks made by my mom ♥ whispering sweet words in each other's ears ♥ finally go running again (not that i'm sure i ever really started it in the past) ♥ morning runs ♥ the "good job"-cheer by a random construction worker ♥ snapchat for brightening my day ♥ family walks ♥ homemade banana ice cream ♥ lip-synching to some of my favorite songs ♥ not having to worry about my look or what i wear ♥ cute cats waiting for me by the window ♥ all you can eat brunch ♥ quality time with the boy ♥ wake up coffees ♥ laughing out loud for nothing in particular ♥ reliving the Harry Potter craze ♥ good hair days ♥ studying and finding tiny funny notes ♥

Tomorrow's my first exam. Wish me luck!
See you later!


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