Brooch collection

Thursday, January 30, 2014 12 Comments

Time for another one of my collections!

This is one of my biggest collections, numero uno is of course my owls. But I own quite some brooches as well. Let's take a look. (ps. I'm sorry my desk seems to change colors, it has something to do with the white balance on my phone…)

bow: handmade, squid: gift from Saar, fox: gift from Eline, peacock feather: handmade, owl: handmade

ostrich & yellow lined owl: made by Emmel, fabric buttons with mushrooms, flower print, strawberry & owls: handmade by me, tiny owls: gift from Ely, drawn owl: gift from Fenne, dog: gift from Elise

leaf: gift from Merula, tooth: gift from Andrea, owl: gift from Eline, cloud: gift from ??? (I don't remember? If you know, please leave a comment!), mustache: gift from Elodie, green owl: gift from Merula, blue owl: gift from Saar, dragon: gift from Corina Rietveld

paper soda can owl: handmade, hama beads owl: handmade, cup brooches: handmade, bird: h&m, roses: gift from my grandma, wood owl: secondhand, tiny owl: gift, bling owl: gift from my sista

I do have some more buttons & brooches, but they're probably hanging on a purse, coat, … or got eaten by the cats (like the lovely leaf brooch that has tiny tooth marks as well :( )

If you want to see more collections, this link will take you to the collections I previously blogged about. (Currently only notebooks, and a little bit of my fabric stash)

Do you like these kind of posts? What do you collect?
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