The Perks of Being a Crazy Cat Lady

A few weeks ago I spotted Olga's crazy cat lady tag and immediately I wanted to share my cat's quirks. Luckily for me, I got tagged by Kathleen, so here I am with my version of the Crazy Cat Lady Tag!

In case you didn't have a clue, me and the boyfriend adopted two siblings on June 1st. Pixel is a black & white male, Cera is the three-colored lady. Check out the previous posts about them here (1, 2 & 3).

Cutest picture of your cats
Without a doubt this one. Every time I see this, my heart gets fuzzy & warm.

Special characteristics
Pixel & Cera are both very cuddly. If someone is at home, they immediately come crawling up your lap. If they see a box or bag, they have to get in.
Pixel likes to lie on our cellphones, laptop, remote controls, ... Anything, as long as it's not soft or warm will do!
Cera will only lie fully on me. The boyfriend has tried a bazillion times, but she'll only lie with her head on his body. Girls stick together!

Describe the noise your cats make
Pixel purrs like a badass. His purr is one of the loudest I've ever heard a cat make. Also, he makes adorable sounds and movements in his sleep. I wish I could show you, but we're always too late to catch it on film.
Cera meows in a high, almost squeaking way. She's much of a talker and meows whenever she's hungry or wants attention.

I tend to give them all kinds of nick-names. Pixel often gets called Pixelino or Pixeliño (even though Joeri doesn't really like that), fretzakske/dikzakske because he's kind of a fatty, and Ronkie (because just like Nelson he's a purrer :) ). Cera doesn't really have nick-names, but I like to call her little missy, poezemina, & poezenol. We also refer to them both as cutiepies or simply 'poesjes'.

- Our kittens sometimes seem to forget how to use the litter box. Occasionally we find pee in the hallway. But, we're working on it!
- These are our first family photos as a family of four (and we only made them a few days ago)!

Tip for other crazy cat ladies
Keep an eye on your cats when they don't suspect it. They can be hilarious sometimes. Also, try to catch it on tape when they do something they're not supposed to and you surprise attack them. So. Funny.

What kind of cat would you be?
Just a lazy, spoiled brat like Pixel, Cera, Tits or Lapje. ;-)

Loveliest cat website
The cartoons of Cat versus Human are hilarious, you should check them out! Also, I've been addicted to Amaguri207's Instagram. She has the cutest cat pictures.

Best cat GIF
This one is to die for.

I'd like to tag Sanne, Lisa, Melissa, Christel, Emmel & Fab.
And if YOU would like to do this tag as well, be my guest! I would love to read & see your answers :-)

Enjoy your holidays & talk to you soon!


  1. Haha cool, Je hebt me getagd! ik zal er mee zeker mee bezig houden een van dees! Super leuke antwoorden! :) zien er twee gekkerds uit! dat plassen komt wel goed, ze zijn nog jong he? :)

  2. Nu zit ik al de helle tijd na te denken hoe ik het geluid van mijn katten zou kunnen omschrijven… lukt me niet. Nadoen kan ik wel :-)

  3. ahh nu ben ik verdrietig dat er voor mij geen poesje bij zat onder de kerstboom! hihi. leuke foto's!

  4. Oh zo schattig! Mijn lief zegt vaak dat ik een crazy cat lady ben en ik beschouw dat als een groot compliment :-).

  5. Ze zijn erg leuk! mijn poes zegt ook prrr prrr! :p

    Wat wil je van schilderij? jezelf?

  6. Oooh supertoffe foto's! Ik ben ook echt een kattenpersoon, ik heb teveel foto's op mijn gsm haha :p

  7. Ooh, leuk! Jullie katten zijn echt snoesjes!
    Dankje voor de tag, ik maak er gauw eens m’n werk van :)

  8. oooh zo leuk :D Ik tag mezelf ook, hihi

  9. Ooooh, ik ben gek op deze tag ^^
    Wat een schatjes zijn ze!

    Liefs, Liese


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