Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, December 22, 2013 6 Comments

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays!
I'm here with a little snail mail update, I don't have that much to share but I couldn't wait any longer. I hope you enjoy! :)

to Saar:
A letter for Saar with a cute postcard, some pumpkin decorations (a little late for the Halloween spirit, but still) & a foxy magnetic bookmark I bought at a book fair.

to Fab:
A handmade booklet for Fabrizia, inspired by the ones I've received in the past from my penpals. A real peacock feather, some postcards & another magnetic bookmark I found at a book fair. Oh and some weeks later I also sent her a Christmas parcel, but I'm not going to spoil yet, so check back later to find out what Fab received.

to Mary:
Mary and sweet Miko will also receive a little Christmas parcel, hope they'll like it :)

A few weeks ago, Karen & Bram from GhentStreetStyle did a giveaway on their blog where you could win a smartphone/tablet case from Fotocover. Of course I participated (I'm now the proud owner of an iPhone 4s after a bit of saving up!) and guess what: I won! I decided to make a collage of my three loves: Joeri, Pixel & Cera. It turned out so nice, the case is very sturdy and fits well around my case, so I'm happy! I'm pretty sure my next handmade case will be from Fotocover as well! Also, it got delivered so fast! So if you're still searching for some lastminute gifts, try this website. Thanks guys!

That's it for today! Enjoy your lazy Sunday! Later today I'll have my first Christmas family diner, I'm looking forward to it. Oh and, happy holidays folks!


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