Thursday, December 05, 2013 5 Comments

Phew, only 26 more days and 2013 is officially over. But hey, let us make a promise to enjoy every second in December?! But first, let me update you on what I did during November.

In November, I...

» went to a halloween party, dressed up as a Mexican sugar skull. My friend dressed up as a bloody nurse. Joke was on us, though. We were the only ones dressed up. But boy, did we have fun ;)

» made lots of cat pics - but won't bore you with every single one of them (oh and I had to include this old photo from Pixel, he just looks too darn cute! )
(photo on the right made by Sophie Bell)

» had a few drinks with lovely friends & a yummy diner with my old school crew

» worked for school like a crazy person. Deadlines are coming closer really fast. Thank god most of the assignments are really awesome, that makes it a bit more bearable. :)

» went to the Dawanda Design Market together with my suske (= sister), Lieke & Eline. We had a blast! I'll write a blogpost about it soon!

» had sushi for the very first time! Mmmmh...

» dyed my hair dark red again! And yay, I'm loving this color! Such a warm, deep red. Ideal for autumn & winter weather.

» enjoyed nice autumn walks

» decorated our bedroom some more

How was your November? See you soon!


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