DIY: Nespresso, what else?

Christmas holidays are coming soon, so this DIY will be just in time for you to make yourself even prettier without too much work. A couple of weeks ago, I made myself these easy peasy Nespresso cup brooches and I'm going to show you how I did that!

Things you'll need:

» used Nespresso cups
» knife
» hammer
» superglue
» decorations (like buttons, old earrings, shells, ...)
» brooch pin back bases (I bought mine here, but you can also find them at your local craftstore)
» optional: felt

Let's get started!

1. Ask your neighbor, friends or family to collect their used Nespresso cups for you. Or if you have a Nespresso yourself: make an awful lot of coffee. That way you can make a bazillion brooches in a couple of hours!

2. Pick the coffee filter off using a knife (be careful!) and get out all the sediment. Clean the cups thoroughly using water.

3. Stop! Hammer time! Flatten those cups!

4. Get creative and start decorating your brooch bases, use superglue to attach your ornaments.

5. If you want to finish your brooches off nicely: cut out a little felt circle, a tiny bit smaller than your brooch base. Then attach your felt to the back of your brooch using superglue. Glue the brooch pin back base on.
If you don't really care on how the back looks (like me): glue the brooch pin back base on.

6. All done! Surprise your neighbor, friends and family by showing off your recycled brooches

Et voilà! If you are going to make some brooches as well, let me know. I would love to see pictures.
Have a great evening, and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. wat een supertof idee!! Ze zijn zo leuk.

  2. Nicely done! These brooches is a good reason to buy a Nespresso machine ;)

  3. cool! en dat gif'ke is té zalig :D

  4. Dat is echt supergaaf!!!! Dat zal ik ook eens proberen!

  5. Zo'n leuk idee Elisse! En wat zijn ze mooi ;)

  6. Leuk gedaan, en idd: die gif is lachen!

  7. Anoniem5.1.14

    Hahaha echt super zaaaalig idee. Ik vind het zo cool en ook grappig eigenlijk. Great thinking! love love love.

  8. Anoniem5.1.14

    Oooh, wat zijn ze schattig! Echt heel erg leuk!


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