✉ Snail mail Monday ✉

Monday, November 04, 2013 , 17 Comments

It's been way too long since my last snail mail update, so here goes!

to Saar:
I sent my letter in a handmade see-through envelope, and wrote my letter in a handmade booklet.

to Leah:
Leah won the giveaway I hosted on my blog a couple of weeks ago. So I sent her the tapes, some handmade bird stickers, a booklet, stationary and a pretty postcard.

to Emmel:
I swapped with Ellen because I adored the buttons she made. She asked me for old/new/used erasers so I sent her some that I thought she would like :)

to Mariska:
Mariska couldn't find the blank notebooks from Action, so I bought her a pack and sent them to her. She sent me the cutest owl pen ever - but more on that later on in this post.

from Marlou:
Mail from Marlou is always fun! Will you just take a look at her gorgeous handwriting? She included an article about handmade clothing - it was very interesting - and some cute stickers.

from Karlijn:
Karlijn made these postcards herself. I loved them so much that I wanted one to put on my wall (check!). In exchange for a snailmail package she agreed. I didn't send out my letter, though. But it will happen asap, Karlijn!

from Emmel:
These are the buttons I told you about! Aren't they awesome? The crocheted garland hangs on my wall at the moment :)

from Saar:
♥ ♥ ♥

from Joanne:
All the way from Malaysia flew this package from Joanne. You should definitely check out her shop if you find these items as neat as I do. I'm extremely in love with that cat notebook (& those stamp stickers)! Thank you, Joanne!

from Mariska:
That envelope! Those stamps are so pretty! And will you just look at that adorable owl pen?

Have a marvellous Monday! Talk to you soon!


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