My notebook craze

Thursday, November 28, 2013 30 Comments

In the weeks to follow, I'll give you a little peek in the collections I have. This one I only discovered recently, I didn't even know I had that many!

Over these past few months, I've gathered a considerate amount of notebooks. Lots of full notebooks have gone and made room for new, more colorful and handmade ones. Come take a look at my notebook stash!

From left to right: Notes from Elisse made by Bieneke, bird one made by Emmel, Owls from den Action, Birds & flowers from den Action, Amnesty International gift by my sister.

From left to right: Flower watercolor made by Mary, Flowers gift from Fab, Ghosts notebook made by Ely, Triangle made by me, Blank one gift from Eline.

The latest one that is now completely full is this one that I got at den Action.

And the newest addition to the family is a cat notebook! It was a gift from Joanne.

Do you have a collection/addiction to notebooks? What do you use them for?


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