✉ Snail overload Sunday ✉

Sunday, October 06, 2013 , 16 Comments

from Marlou:
Owl-themed mail from Marlou from a while back! She is now doing an internship as a journalist and even made her own calling cards. Looks so professional!

from Saar:
I had to wait a little while to receive my latest letter from Saar, because she sent it in a package. When the mailman didn't deliver my package - although I was at home, grmbl - I had to wait even longer and couldn't immediately pick it up at the post office. But oh, what a surprise. Saar sent me an amazing flower hair pin, yay!

from Zane:
Zane and I are partners in crime for the button swap Olga is hosting. Since Zane said she was probably going to send her swap pretty close to the deadline, she sent me a postcard (with a picture she made herself!) in advance. Such a pleasant surprise!

from Mary:
Aww, I was so thrilled when I received the most amazing letter ever: in a little booklet! Mary spoiled me once again with some cute stamps.

to Marlou:
I wrote back to Marlou to her new address, and couldn't resist adding some more Brussels vintage postcards for her little collection. They are just too damn awesome!

to Joanne:
A few weeks ago, Joanne sent me an e-mail and asked me if I was interested in a swap. She makes the cutest things and sells some of her favorite stuff on Facebook in her shop Hearts & Crafts (check it out here), so yes, of course I was in! Here's what I put together for her. I made a paper garland, bird stickers, a little notebook, added some washi tape, postcards, paper scraps, ... Hope it has arrived already!

to Saar:
I sent Saar a letter on Autumn-themed writing paper (made by the very talented Fabrizia) and made her a personal notebook.

to Mary:
Before I received the letter from Mary you can see in this post, I sent her this letter. I had a lot to tell her and added paper scraps, stickers, a paper flower and a handmade owl brooch. I decorated ordinary paper with washi tape and illustrations from magazines.

to Phara:
I'm quite ashamed to add this to my 'sent'-stack only now. Phara asked me a couple of months ago if she could buy a maxi dress I didn't quite like anymore. Of course, I said yes. Now, after all this time, it's finally been sent! Just in time for Autumn, haha. Oh, it seems I forget stuff quite fast.

Have an awesome Sunday evening! Talk to you soon!


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