✉ Snail overload Sunday ✉

from Marlou:
Owl-themed mail from Marlou from a while back! She is now doing an internship as a journalist and even made her own calling cards. Looks so professional!

from Saar:
I had to wait a little while to receive my latest letter from Saar, because she sent it in a package. When the mailman didn't deliver my package - although I was at home, grmbl - I had to wait even longer and couldn't immediately pick it up at the post office. But oh, what a surprise. Saar sent me an amazing flower hair pin, yay!

from Zane:
Zane and I are partners in crime for the button swap Olga is hosting. Since Zane said she was probably going to send her swap pretty close to the deadline, she sent me a postcard (with a picture she made herself!) in advance. Such a pleasant surprise!

from Mary:
Aww, I was so thrilled when I received the most amazing letter ever: in a little booklet! Mary spoiled me once again with some cute stamps.

to Marlou:
I wrote back to Marlou to her new address, and couldn't resist adding some more Brussels vintage postcards for her little collection. They are just too damn awesome!

to Joanne:
A few weeks ago, Joanne sent me an e-mail and asked me if I was interested in a swap. She makes the cutest things and sells some of her favorite stuff on Facebook in her shop Hearts & Crafts (check it out here), so yes, of course I was in! Here's what I put together for her. I made a paper garland, bird stickers, a little notebook, added some washi tape, postcards, paper scraps, ... Hope it has arrived already!

to Saar:
I sent Saar a letter on Autumn-themed writing paper (made by the very talented Fabrizia) and made her a personal notebook.

to Mary:
Before I received the letter from Mary you can see in this post, I sent her this letter. I had a lot to tell her and added paper scraps, stickers, a paper flower and a handmade owl brooch. I decorated ordinary paper with washi tape and illustrations from magazines.

to Phara:
I'm quite ashamed to add this to my 'sent'-stack only now. Phara asked me a couple of months ago if she could buy a maxi dress I didn't quite like anymore. Of course, I said yes. Now, after all this time, it's finally been sent! Just in time for Autumn, haha. Oh, it seems I forget stuff quite fast.

Have an awesome Sunday evening! Talk to you soon!


  1. Your life looks so much fun

  2. :) :) :) :) :)

    ik word zo blij van deze posts! en Brussel-kaartjes! zo fijn wat je allemaal krijgt en verstuurt. ik zorg dat er snel weer iets in jouw brievenbus valt :D

  3. Elisse wat ziet het er gaaf uit! En wat leuk zo'n filmpje :) Ik ben bezig met post voor jou hoor! Wat zijn de kaartjes van Marlou mooi zeg en wat zijn die stempels prachtig!

  4. Wat een ontzettend heerlijke post, daar wordt een mens blij van.
    Vraagje: hoe kom je aan deze contacten? Dit is postcrossing met een grote plus, erg leuk!!

    Fijne dag, liefs Maud

  5. Ik vind vooral de post die je van Mary hebt gekregen erg tof!

  6. Wat een leuke stapel post, ik ben jaloers! Ik schrijf ook wel brieven, maar krijg er maar zelden terug. Mijn vrienden zijn niet zulke schrijvers... Toch maar eens op zoek gaan naar enthousiaste terugschrijvers:-)

  7. So many beautiful letters you received! I like this little gif you made of incoming. I'm sure your pen pals will be happy about letters you created for them ^.^

  8. Oh wauw, prachtig! Ben inderdaad ook wel benieuwd hoe je aan die contacten komt, lijkt mij ook geweldig :) (Op Marlou na dan, haar ken ik al hihi)

  9. Zo tof altijd, ik ben daar echt redelijk slecht in om zoiets klein origineel te maken, ik doe meestal na wat andere mensen mij stuurden haha!

  10. Jij hebt heel wat pennenvrienden.

  11. Ik krijg weer helemaal postkriebels van al dit moois. Weet jij misschien hoe ik aan een nieuwe penvriendin kan komen? want ik mis het enorm!

  12. Anoniem15.10.13

    Wat heerlijk om te zien!

  13. Anoniem6.11.13

    I'm glad you liked my letter. I loved yours as well:)


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