September photo challenge: 24 - 30

Friday, October 04, 2013 16 Comments

The September photo challenge is over! There were a few themes that I still needed to photograph (so yup, I cheated a little bit, hehe), so that's why I'm a bit late with this post. Anyway, I had loads of fun with this photo challenge and I hope you did too :) Did you participate as well? How did it go? Did you finish the challenge completely?

image made by Sanne, camera via redbubble

328 - 24/09 - liquid
banana/kiwi smoothie!

329 - 25/09 - lens flare
this doesn't need any explanation, right? I was enjoying our late summer

330 - 26/09 - something alive
little miss cera, chasing flies.

331 - 27/09 - structure
glass window with a cool pattern in our living room.

332 - 28/09 - depth of field
my sweet pixel grows up so fast.. he doesn't even look like a kitten anymore!

333 - 29/09 - bad habit
this is such a boring picture. but oh well, I'm always late for appointments & school. it's because I'm terribly good at not catching the bus on time. (ps, check that mirrored elisseke in the left-hand corner, haha)

334 - 30/09 - playing with light
while walking home from antwerp city


Oh and, I almost forgot: the winner of the giveaway is .... Leah! Would you be so kind sending me an e-mail at bijgebrekaanbeter[at]hotmail[dot]com. I will then send the tapes to you asap :-)

Thank you all for participating, I'll definitely organize these type giveaways more in the future!

Talk to you soon!


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