100 things summer challenge: the end!

Monday, September 02, 2013 , 7 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I participated in the 100 things summer challenge, organized by Jelle and a few other bloggers. The idea was to get rid of 100 things during summer. And I have to say, I did quite well!

If you want to easily succeed these kinds of projects: move out/in! It's perfect.

In total I got rid of 211 things, I gave away 118 and sold 72 items. (Well, not yet, they're still in boxes, ready to be given away to the thrift store & ready to be sold in a closet/yard sale or flea market!) The other stuff was thrown away because it was broken or expired. Most of the things I'm going to sell is clothing. But I'm kind of an awful hoarder. I also threw out SO much paper and fabric scraps.
I bought/received as a gift 16 items over these past two months.

That makes a total of 195 things less!

I'm pretty proud of myself and think I'm going to keep going in Autumn, Winter and Spring. Maybe 100 things less is a bit too much, but I'll at least think about my consumption a lot more.

Have you participated as well? And if you did: how do you feel now? Do you feel sort of liberated of all this stuff as well? There was so much that I didn't really need of which I'm so happy that I just threw it out :)

Rust in mijn hoofd. Heerlijk.

photo by me

P.S. I'm currently on a holiday, so this is a planned post. I will not be answerring any comments or e-mails until I'm back (around September 8)

Talk to you soon!


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