Q&A: Answers pt. 1

Monday, August 19, 2013 , 19 Comments

Thanks for asking me so many questions, guys! I'll answer the personal questions in this part. If you have some more questions, don't hesitate in sending me an e-mail or put them in the comment section down below! Next week I will answer the photography & sewing related questions!


"Do you own a lot of nail polish?"
I've counted my stash and I have about 20 bottles of nail polish. Most of them are teal & turquoise tinted.

"Have you been to Paris yet? If so, what is your nicest memory about Paris? And what is your least favorite memory?"
Yes, yes I have! Me and the bf went a few years ago. I enjoyed just strolling around town, discovering tiny restaurants & visiting 'la Maison EuropƩenne de la photographie". My least favorite memory has to be the overwhelming amount of tourists. They are basically everywhere.
"Do you plan on staying in Antwerp forever?"
No, I would like to become a travelling journalist. So hopefully I'll get the chance to study abroad and discover new places. But for now, Antwerp will definitely do.
"What do you look forward to?"
My third year in Journalism! Doing an internship, study abroad, ... Can't wait!

"What are your plans for the (rest of the) summer?
Since it's my first summer without any resits in 4 years, I'm chillaxing big time. I've had a few photoshoots, attended some parties, hosted diner parties & worked a bit. In September I'll go on a last-minute trip with the bf, it'll be a surprise to you & us what the destination will be. (But I'm hoping to get a chance to go to Marrakech, I would love to go there!)

"How do you see your life in 5 years?"
I hope to be graduated by then, have bought a nice, cozy place with the bf with a garden, be a freelance journalist/photographer and still do some sewing & crafting on the side. Hopefully I will have started my secret project as well.

"What is your biggest dream?"
To do something meaningful with my life. I don't really have one big dream. I have multiple tiny ones that I want to achieve.
"Pretend that also unknown people deserve a biography. The publisher decided that you get to have one! You are free to choose the author, the title and which period in your life should have an elaborate chapter and the period that you want the author to pay least attention to."
This was such a hard question! But a goody! Thanks for asking :)
For the author I'm gonna go for Peter Verhelst, one of my favorite writers of all times. I want the author to pay least attention to my second/third year in high school. I was an angry, misunderstood, (kinda) rebellious teenager and I did a lot of things back then that I regret now. The period in my life that deserves an elaborate chapter is probably right now! I'm a happy blogger, just moved in with the bf, adopted two cats. There are days I can't stop smiling because I feel so content. The title will be very abstract, yet appealing. (Because I want to sell lots of books, you know.)
"Why do you ignore questions?"
What questions?
"Why do you act so bitchy sometimes?"
I'm sorry if I did something that offends you. But I would prefer it if you'd say it in my face, rather than putting it in the comment section on my blog. Yup, I'm pretty direct. Some people may call that bitchy, but I'm just being me.
"Why do you pretend to be the freaking queen?"
This is my blog, so I have permission to act like the queen as much as I want. If you don't want to read my blog, then stay away. I'm not forcing you to stay here, so you're free to go :) But you're also free to stay. Do whatever you want!

"Why did you choose journalism? Is it hard?"
When I was younger (like, in high school) everyone used to say to me that I should become a journalist. But I am stubborn, and I wanted to decide for myself. So I began my studies to become a translator. Unfortunately, things didn't really work out as planned. I couldn't find the motivation needed to pass my exams, etc.. So last year, I switched over to Journalism, and couldn't be happier about it. I finally found my passion, the thing I'm good at. Since I can compare it with my previous studies, I wouldn't say it's that hard. I mean, the theoretical part is a laugher. But you'll have to work hard to get there. There are a lot of assignments & deadlines that you'll have to get used to. But if this is what you want to do, then it's definitely worth it!
"What do you dislike about yourself?"
"Did you ever have problems with your bf?"
We've had our ups & our downs, of course, like every other couple. Luckily we experience more ups than downs :)
"In how many years do you see yourself with kiddos?"
At this stage in our life, the bf & I don't want to have kids. I don't think we ever will. We simply like the amount of time we have and want to be able to do whatever impulsive things we want.

"Where do you buy your clothes?"
In my collection there's a lot of 'old' stuff from H&M. Lately I've discovered Primark as well. But other than that, I buy my stuff at second hand & thrift shops. I like clothing more when it's authentic & original.
"Will you be my penpal?"
Aww, I'm flattered by your question. But I'm sorry, I have no time to take on any more penpals. I study, have to do the household, cuddle with my bf & cats, work in the weekends & have to maintain some friendships on the side, haha. But I'm up for a swap if you'd like!

That's all, folks!


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