Photo challenge: ready, set, go!

Saturday, August 31, 2013 8 Comments

Today I'm here with a little reminder for you guys: tomorrow is September 1st, which means the September Photo Challenge will start!

If you haven't decided yet if you want to participate or not, now is your chance. If you're afraid you won't finish: don't be! Every participater will inspire and remind you that you have to take your 1 picture a day. (Of course you don't have to, but since this is a part of my Project 365, it is an obligation to me ;-) ) You can enter here.

Here you can see the themes once again. Don't forget to have fun and I'll talk to you soon

image made by Sanne, camera via redbubble

- as soon as I'm back from Turkey, that is. The bf and I booked our trip yesterday(!) Since that's very last minute, I don't have that many posts planned in for you, but I do have some! I'll be back somewhere around September 8th, with many photos that will make you super jealous and hopefully I'll have a bit of a tan (but I doubt it) 

Anyway, I won't be answerring any letters or e-mails for a week. Total and utter offline relaxation, yes please.


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