✉ Snail mail Monday ✉ (just this once)

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for not keeping my promise, yesterday the weather was too awesome to sit inside and write a blogpost. But today I feel obliged to do so. ;-)

from Fab:
It took a while for Fabrizia to write back, but hey, that's why it's called snail mail right. I was extremely happy when I received her letter and the goodies she included.

I also sent out two letters. One is on its way to Saar, and the other one is flying out to Mary. I hope they'll get it soon :) Next update, I'll show you what's in the letters more in detail!

Also snail mail related I purchased some goodies on Etsy the past few weeks. These amazing (washi) tapes arrived last week and I couldn't be more thrilled. How cute are these?! Now the jar in which I save them is overflowing a bit. Time to put some effort in that 100 things Summer Challenge.

I also ordered some of the cutest stickers ever. With cats on them (being a crazy cat lady and all), and with a cute girl. I'm so happy! This will definitely brighten up my letters.

That's it for now! Thanks for visiting & enjoy the rest of your evening/morning/night!


  1. oeee, die met de appeltjes is leuk!

  2. Ooooo de poezenstickertjes!!! Supertof! Vanwaar heb je die besteld? En de appeltjes tape?

  3. @Mi Joya: de poezenstickers en tape komen allemaal van de verkoper CharmTape op Etsy :)

  4. Die Lenore enveloppe! Zo cool!

  5. Oh van die heb ik eerder ook al tape besteld! Merci!

  6. Hello there! Got your letter:)


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