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Friday, July 05, 2013 , , , 13 Comments

Hi guys!

I present another attempt to get back into blogging more frequently :) Sorry I've been so absent (how many times did I say this in the past couple of months?), but I've been busy studying, working and moving.

This will be a little post updating you on the boring (and not so boring) stuff that's happened in my life lately!

In the past month I was able to stripe off a few things of my 22 before 23 list. On July 1st I moved in with the bf (apartment tour coming up!). When I got my results (0 RESITS, 3 months holiday here I come!) I couldn't resist drinking a few new cocktails to add to my list (they were all very tasty) and I'm making progress with some other plans as well. But more on that later!

I also made my very first own magazine. It was a school assignment, but I'm pretty proud of it. It's like my little baby. In case you're curious, feel free to check it out here. (Yep, that's me on the cover. Obligatory posing, yes indeed!) oh ps: it's written in Dutch.
I also got featured in DOHA Magazine, made by my sister and two of her classmates. I DIY'ed (how to make your own stamp out of an eraser). Oh and you can spot Eva, the cutiepie & DIY-queen, as well!

In other news: Pixel & Cera seem to grow up so quickly! But they're still adorable. Fun fact: Pixel is purring on my lap right now, and occassionally gets up to catch the mouse on the screen. ;-) Don't need no telly anymore when you have kittens around, that's for sure!

To my snailmail buds: it's taking me ages to write back because I don't have my writing supplies here yet. So bare with me a little longer and you'll be rewarded! Pinky promise.

I'm participating in the 100 things summer challenge. Basically in these summer months I'll have to throw out/donate/give away/sell 100 items. (If you want to read the rules and participate as well, click here. Shouldn't be having too much trouble with it, since everything is still in boxes and the apartment isn't that big, so I'll probably have to get rid of a lot of clutter. But I don't mind. Since we didn't have a real spring, this'll be my version of 'Spring Cleaning'.

Oh and last but not least: Google Reader seems to have shut down, and I'm afraid Google Friend Connect (GFC) might go away soon as well. So if you don't want to miss out on any new blog posts (irregular as I am) I recommend using Bloglovin'!

On Sunday I'll be back with a Snail Mail Sunday and Wednesday you can see the result of the last two weeks of the June Photo Challenge. Until then, amigos!

little preview on the June Photo Challenge ;-) 

  Enjoy your (sunny) weekend!


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