Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, June 02, 2013 , 13 Comments

Hi everyone!

How was your week? My lessons for this semester are over! Yay! This week I had to study like a maniac because exams are coming up. This Thursday I'm fighting with my exam in Economics. I really hope I make it. At least I discovered now that Economics is absolutely not my cup of tea. (Memorizing data and definitions, no thanks!)

On to the fun part: snail mail from the past week! :)

from Marlou:
Marlou sent me amazing owl themed mail, as she usually does. She also included fun flags to brighten up the bf's apartment. They do match the walls perfectly!

from Saar:
Mail from Saar is always a pleasure to read. Her new stationary is really pretty. Too bad I forgot to snap a proper picture.

from Aya:
This week the mailman surprised me with this super awesome big package, all the way from Japan. I participated in the Fumi no hi project Aya hosted on her blog, and totally forgot about it but she sent a few of her readers a really fun stationary package. Soooo many amazing goodies were in it. Cute post-its, washi tape, a looot of letter sheets and envelopes and some other cool stuff! Thank you so much, Aya! :)

I also bought some more postcards while I was in Berlin a few weeks ago. Simply can't resist them. Especially if they have owls on them ;-)

Have a great day! See you soon!


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