Me-Made-May: overview

Friday, June 07, 2013 , , 12 Comments

Hi everyone!

I still owe you the conclusion of what Me Made May meant to me. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of my outfits, but I did make 3 new/old items this month! Curious?

I refashioned a long black skirt with a gorgeous pattern and made it into a box top. I used this tutorial. It's pretty simple, I just made a few alterations. Other measurements, stuff like that.

I also finally used the lace I ordered quite a while ago. Nothing fancy, I just attached a chain to it and ta-dah, new necklace is born!

When this tutorial appeared on Jessi's blog, I immediately felt the urge to try it as well. Et voilà, another fun accessory to add to my collection!

Thank you Me Made May, for making my May a bit more fun and exciting!

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the sun and talk to you soon!


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