✉ Snail mail Sunday ✉

Sunday, May 12, 2013 15 Comments

Hi guys!

First of all let me say thank you for still visiting my blog even though I'm no longer blogging as consistently as I used to. I hope things will change around here for the better, but I'm not going to make promises I - will possibly - break. So thank you lovelies, for still sticking around. :)

I'm here today with another snail mail update! I still send out letters and cards, but only to the dear penpals that have been with me since the beginning. So for all those who mail me with questions about snail mail, I'm afraid I can't help you.. I can hardly keep up with my 'old buds'. Anyway, hope you enjoy this edition of Snail mail Sunday!

from Jessi:
Jessi sent me a sweet postcard all the way from Suriname. Thank you!

to the bf:
A big card to my boy, he deserved it after all the moving stress :)

to Marlou:
I received Marlou's letter in January... So it was about time to finally write back to her, and I also sent her two more Brussels postcards starring 'Manneken Pis'. I'm a tiny bit proud of the envelope, it looks so nice!

to Saar:
I wrote a letter to Saar and pimped the envelope with a newspaper poem which says: "I like you".

That's all I have to share. Enjoy your Sunday :) I'm off working at the pancake house!


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