Big hair for the win!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 18 Comments

Hi guys!

I'm making a reappearance on the blog again - could that have anything to do with the upcoming exams? - to show you a super fun hairstyle I attempted a few weeks back.

It's a big hairdo you can achieve by rolling up your wet hair and letting it sit over night. And it doesn't even take that long preparing your hair. Curling my hair with a regular curling iron takes way longer and I would never achieve this look. Anyway, on to the result!

right after I took the strips of fabric out of my hair

left: few minutes before I went to bed - right: after I got up

after undoing the strips of fabric. a bit anxious about how it would turn out 
(as you can probably tell by the look on my face!)

A few hours later, the lovely Sophie Bell shot some pictures of my hair as well. Unfortunately the curls didn't maintain their shape that long, but I'm guessing that's my own fault since I didn't use a volume mousse or serum. Any recommendations for my next attempt?

In case you're curious, I used the tutorials from this & this girl. If you want to recreate this hairdo as well, please do. (And share some pictures!) It's so much fun having this much volume in your hair! (I wish my hair would be like that all the time..)

I'm off, studying some more and preparing the apartment for our two kittens (!!!!!) We're going to pick them up on Saturday, so more about them later. Expect a fluffy cuteness overload in the upcoming weeks!

Take care!


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