Snail mail Sunday is back!

Sunday, April 14, 2013 10 Comments

Hi guys!

I'm sorry it's been a while, but I've been quite busy. On April 1st (no joke) the boyfriend got the keys to his appartment so we had a lot of painting, moving, furnishing & decorating to do. I'll show you some pictures when we are happy with the way it looks - there's still boxes everywhere nowadays..

On to today's matter: a giant update on the snail mail I sent out and received in the past weeks. Enjoy!

to Romée:
I sent Romée a little something to thank her for the birthdaymail she sent me! I'll show you in detail in another post, but it contained a reversible totebag and some handmade bird stickers. Hope she likes it!

to Mary:
Yay, my letter arrived! Mail to the US takes a while to travel and arrive at its destination. I sent her a flower postcard, a handmade paper garland, some stickers, a polaroid from the snow in our backyard, a handmade heart stamp & of course a letter! (written on stationary made by the very talented Fabrizia)

to Fab:
Fab is such a sneaky one! She celebrated her birthday a few weeks back and I didn't even know - or didn't remember(?). Anyway, I wanted to surprise her with some birthdaygifts so I made her a reversible totebag as well - will show it to you in another post (;-)), a paper garland to hang in her room , a sewn birthdaycard and a looooot of handmade bird stickers!

from Saar:
Saar sent me a lovely letter, card and selfknitted earringhangerthing. Comes in handy for my big collection! Thanks Saar :-) (and yes: fuck snow indeed! I'm so happy spring is finally here! ❤ )

from Andrea:
I won De groeten van Max and received a beautiful handdrawn card by Andrea, and this lovely tooth brooch. Ooooh my collection of brooches is growing so quickly! Thank you dear Andrea!

That's it for this week, folks. For the Dutchies: enjoy the rest of your summery evening :-) And for everyone else: I hope the weather is as nice as it is here!

Talk to you soon! (this time for real)


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