Tuesday, April 16, 2013 10 Comments

In March I...

» drank the first Desperados of the year, outside on the terrace on a lovely spring day :)

» got sick of the snow, few days after those tropical temperatures. But look how nice the world looks covered in a little snow. (And coffees/hot cocos are even nicer when it's cold outside)

» sent out and received quite some snail mail (1, 2 & 3)

» participated in a quiz and WON! Dreamteam represent! (Well, we actually won the prize for drinking the most booze... But anyway, we had loads of fun!)

» made myself peacock feather brooch!

» took the bf out on a photography trip and let him pose for my magazine cover. Here's a little preview of what it will look like (with me as a model instead of him ;-) )

» was angrysad/happy at the same time while shooting pictures.

» cuddled with these cutiepies.

» refashioned a tanktop and skirt to a spring dress & transformed a blouse into a totebag, both succesfully!

» had a lovely get together with some ex-schoolmates :)

» made delicious couscous with raisins, feta & sun-dried tomatoes.

» shared some of my top tips for what you should eat&drink/do/visit when you are in Antwerp.

» had some cosy evenings with the lovely ladies from our sewing bee/naaikransje!

» went to the press conference hosted by UPR for Veritas' new fabrics :)

» had some fun with friends.

Can you still remember how your March was? I'm curious, so let me know in the comments!

Lots of love & talk to you soon!


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