(tiny) city guide: Antwerp

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 , 17 Comments

As you probably still don't remember from this post, I told you I made a tiny city guide for Antwerp. Since I didn't want to share it only with Eva, I'll show it to you as well! So here it is, the tiniest city guide for Antwerp you have ever seen.

Of course, there are a lot more interesting places to go to when you visit Antwerp, these are just my (current) favorites. :) Hope you find them helpful when you want to visit!

Food & Drinks
Barnini - Oudevaartplaats 10: My favorite cafe. It's so cosy there. They have an owl themed menu, amazingly delicious bagels, yummy drinks and an awesome interior. Definitely worth a visit if you ask me.

Mama Matrea - Lange Nieuwstraat 13: Delicious cocktails for a reasonable price, fun atmosphere. On Wednesdays, meals are served from "de Volxkeuken" for only €5, and they are good, trust me.

Think Twice: Do I really have to tell you again how much I love T2? (And especially their bimonthly bargains!) The ones I like to go to are located at Langeklarenstraat 21 (vintage), Kammenstraat 85 (vintage) & Keyserlei 9 (family shop).

Kringwinkel: From furniture & decoration to books & clothing, you'll find anything second hand here. I usually visit the ones at Sint-Jorispoort 29 or Abdijstraat 104.

Vintage handbags/purses - Aalmoezenierstraat : Not too pricy, nice second hand purses here. For example, I bought this one there for only €18. I don't exactly know which number this shop is located, but it's worth wandering around the street for a while. In the same street you'll find Labels Inc. as well, a designer clothing store. Way too expensive for me, but certainly nice to walk past :)

't Vlotje - De Kaaien: When the weather is nice, sit there and relax with your friends, a nice picnic and/or a glass of wine/beer. You'll enjoy the view and you can spy on all the young people/hipsters chilling there.

Let me know if you enjoyed this, then I might blog about some more special places/things to visit or to do in the future. :)


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