Secret penpal scavenger hunt!

Thursday, March 07, 2013 , , 14 Comments

Hi guys!

A few weeks ago Fab hosted the secret penpal scavenger hunt on her blog, and I decided to participate. I had so much fun finding stuff that I thought my secret penpal would enjoy. But I'll show you what I sent her later, because I don't think she has received it yet..

What I received? I can barely start describing it. My penpal Jenni, from Finland, surprised me with this giant package.

Here's what I found when I opened it:

Jenni sure did an awesome job. An amazing amount of stuff, everything was beautifully wrapped and so me! She got me a:
  • city explorer's kit: with tips and a guide for Tuusula, Helsinki, and an activity book. I SO want to visit Finland now!
  • postal freak's kit: with notebooks, postcards, loooots of stamps, stationary, labels, and lots more!
  • bad day survival kit: with tea, beauty stuff, instructions to bake some cupcakes, a pretty bird garland, a kaleidoscope ♡, chocolate from Finland, ...
  • something you can wear: a pair of mittens, two pairs of socks & two glitter cat masks (yep, like the one I'm wearing on the first photo!)
  • something not square or rectangular: a pretty heart hanger
  • something with animal(s) on it: like, ehm, ALL THIS OWL STUFF!!

    Yep, you could say I got spoiled. Big time. I'm a happy gal.
    Thank you so much Jenni, for all the time, effort and love you put in this package. ♡ I'm going to have a ton of fun with all these items for a loooong time. :)
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