Teeny tiny owl skirt

Hi there!

This is a scheduled post because I'm currently on a citytrip in good old Mechelen/Malines/Malinas with the bf. We're probably having a blast. But don't worry, I'll be sure to leave you with a city guide when I get back ;)

Now on to today's matter! Quite a while ago I made this teeny tiny owl skirt for a baby girl that was still in her mom's belly. But on January 31st she decided to come out, which means I can finally show it on the blog!

I hope one day she'll be as much of an owl lover as I am today :)

Just look at those tiny hands! So cute!


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  1. Supercute skirt! Babies are such wonders!(:

  2. Oh zo cute! Veel plezier in Mechelen.

  3. wat schattig! en dat rokje ook!! zo leuk dat je dat maakte

  4. Zo schattig! Zowel rokje als baby :)

  5. Ohh zo cute! En superleuk rokje dat je gemaakt hebt!

  6. Mazeg, die handjes, zo schattig!

  7. Keischattig, die lieve, kleine, verimpelde babyhandjes. Note to myself: Nope, you did it once, waited a long time.. just enjoy the picture. :-)

  8. Occccchhhhh die rimpel handjes!! Iee wat lief! Ze zal er mee stralen :) Ik heb ooit mijn oppaskindje blij gemaakt met een mme zsazsa rokje - ze slaap er geloof ik nog steeds in! haha :)


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