Snail & Birthdaymail Sunday

Sunday, February 17, 2013 , , 18 Comments

Yep, I'm back! Sorry for the disappearing bit last week, but I had quite the busy week and got ill. The ability to speak is something I will cherish from now on ;-) Luckily, I'm all beter now.

I'm here with you today with a huuuuuuge edition of Snail mail Sunday! So grab yourself a cup of tea, listen to this song (by Humble Flirt), sit back, relax & read along.

To Ely:
A few weeks ago I sent out this package to Ely. I really hope it has arrived, but I'm not sure. I included some stamps & stickers, a few pretty images, a snowy postcard, some of my own photographs, a handmade zipper bag and off course a letter (in Spanish) :)

To Fab:
Since my previous letter didn't make it to Fab's home, I made her another notebook and included some other goodies. I also thought the photograph on the envelope was so pretty! It's a photograph made by Stephan Vanfleteren (one of my fav photographers).

To Merula:
Merula agreed to do a little swap with me (click here to find out what she sent me) and didn't really know what I could make for her, but Siem (her son) wanted a marble bag, so I made him one. Hope he likes it! I also included some other "goodies".

I received lots and lots of birthdaymail! You're too kind :-)

from: Silvia, Romee, Lies

from: Kelly, Frida, Fenne

from: Elise, Fab

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthdaywishes and cute surprises :) Wish I could send you all something, but since postage stamps are rather expensive, I'm going to send a little something to Romee because of the bad luck she had with the postal service. She sent me a birthday garland and a lucky doll, but they both got really damaged (as a matter of fact, I didn't even receive the lucky doll, I'm just guessing it arrived at the post office and a mail(wo)man could really use it that day?). Look, here's evidence!

And let me show you what the other cute surprises looked like:

owls on the envelope & pretty decorated ones & hard puzzles (still haven't found all the answers, Lies!)

all things mint. I got the cat ring from Jessi, the owl earrings from Lies (and thanks to a little hint I painted them in my favorite nailpolish color ever! Such a clever idea!) & the pencil pouch from Kelly.

owl themed gifts from Fab!

Oh god, how I love the blogosphere. Once again, thank you all so much for brightening up my birthday (and the days after that :) )

Have a nice Sunday and I'll talk to you soon!


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