Snail mail Sunday

I can't show the letters that I posted to Ely & Fab, because they haven't arrived yet and I don't want to spoil the surprise of course... So you'll have to wait a little longer.

To Eline:
For her birthday, Eline asked her readers to send her birthdaycards! So I did, cause I enjoy reading her blog and I knew she needed a little cheering up while studying. And yes, I am quite the retard because I cut out the "25" wrong..

From Saar:
Another sweet letter from Saar, who isn't only the fasted letter writer ever, but also a great crafts(wo)man :) The embroidered owl will get a special place somewhere.

From Marlou:
Marlou is such a sweetie pie! I didn't expect this letter at all, since I know she's behind on writing back. Look at all those pretty owls (and the Lucky Luke stamp) <3 I'll send you a Brussels postcard back asap!

How was your week? Enjoy your Sunday evening! I'll be visiting our northern neighbours (the Netherlands) for the next 3 days but I have a post planned in, so you won't even notice I'm gone!


  1. I always love your letters from Saar!!
    And it never fails to amaze me to see that your mail is almost 90% owl themed all the time :D

    PS: I received your letter last week, maybe you missed the post about it ;) My reply is in the making! xx

  2. I love love love the stamp, it's so cute :) and the owls!!

  3. nice! zoals gewoonlijk.

    welke nagellak heb je daar precies op? sehr schön!

  4. @Lise: het is een nagellakje van Catrice, maar wel een 'limited edition' (kleur = Cucuba) Ik hoop dat je 'm nog kan vinden :)


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