Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, January 20, 2013 , 18 Comments

Well, I managed to keep my (one and only ;-) ) resolution for 2013: I wanted to make some more time for writing and I finally wrote back to the girls that have been waiting (some over two months) to receive anything from me.. Well, I'm not really proud, but I'm glad I finally took the time to write them back. :)

To Eva:
What you can see on these pictures: a letter (most important thing when exchanging packages in my opinion!), photographs and a sweet card, an illustration of what my dream house might look like, a girly bookmark, a cat notebook, airmail envelopes, a little felt owl, some stickers. What you can't see: a guide for Antwerp! I will put my (tiny) cityguide in a different post.

To Saar:

What I sent to my penpals outside of Belgium/The Netherlands you'll have to wait a little longer. I want to make sure it's still a surprise when they receive their letter, of course :)

From Zoƫ:
I felt a sudden urge of buying handmade soap from Olea when I was checking out her blog again, so I did! I tried out the little extra soap (the green one, a scrub, which kind of looks like a kiwi if you ask me!) & approved it! It makes my skin super soft. I washed my hair today with the shampoo, and since it takes a while for your hair to adapt itself to new shampoos, I can't really tell you what it feels like. But I'll definitely keep you posted! They all smell amazing and I'm sure I won't be buying soap anywhere else anytime soon :-)

From Merula:
I did a swap with Merula because I really liked the owl brooches she made herself with a mold :-) I can't show you yet what I sent her, simply because I have not posted it. I will wait 'til my last exam (on Monday, eeeek that is tomorrow!) so you can expect it somewhere next week, Merula! Look at all the goodies she included. Aaaah. <3 I love the blogosphere.
p.s. I tried out the origami you can see on the picture (top left) but the instructions were so difficult, I failed miserably :(

Did you send or receive anything in the past week?


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