Fancy shmancy (Christmas?) dress!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 27 Comments

Making this dress was a long term vision. Creating a dress from scratch was something I hadn't done in a loooong while, so it took some time tracing the pattern, cutting the fabric and then figuring out how to put it together.
Especially since my sewing machine didn't like the fabric that much. (I don't even know what type of fabric it is, it's a kind of stretchy silk I suppose?) I think it was due to a problem with the tension on Josefien, but I guess it will always remain a secret. Haha.

Originally I wanted to wear this dress on Christmas eve, for a cozy diner with my family. Faith decided something else. I waited a few days to let my sewing machine recover from all my cursing and tried to tame that stubborn (but gorgeous) fabric again. And by a miracle: I became its master and I was able to finish it (on the 28th, right on time for a Christmas dinner with my friends!).

Believe me, there wás a lot of cursing involved. And I think I broke three needles. But in the end it was all worth it! I'm so happy with the way it turned out. It has a drawstring (on the side, not front, a clever idea from one of the girls I sew with in our weekly sewclub - oh right, I haven't told you yet, but I'll blog about it soon!), pockets and a cute collar: everything I like!

I used a pattern from the magazine Stitched by You (Autumn 2012, dress 7)

And here's another bonus/silly picture, 'cause I know you like those ;-)

photos thanks to my lovely sister 

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