Tuesday, December 04, 2012 18 Comments

The year is passing by so quickly.. It's already December! Boy oh boy. Dear December, please be good to me.

In November, I...

» made a citytrip to a dear friend in Berlin. We had a blast. I promise to make a little City Guide of things & places I discovered there.

» met up with Tine, Cleo & Marlou at Barnini for a nice talk, some delicious bagels and glorious tea/coffee. It was lovely :) (the one you see on the picture below with all the smarties was Marlou's! Looked so yum!)

» enjoyed Madrid with my parents, sister & boyfriend, and wished I'd be living there now, for six months.. Ah well, maybe in a couple of years? (Another post will be up about Madrid in a couple of days/weeks/months/who will tell?)

» made photos of pretty girls.

» was surrounded by good company & good food.

» cuddled with cute cats.

» made a selfportrait that I kind of like.

» was thankful for a lot of things. My friends, family & most of all boyfriend are amazing.

How was your month? Do you look forward to Christmas and New Year's Eve? I know I do :)


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