Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, November 11, 2012 , 13 Comments

Hi! How is everyone doing today? Two weeks ago I was in a writing mood, while last week I didn't send out anything.. Really need to catch up on those letters though!
WARNING! This will be a pretty heavy photo loaded post :)


to Mary:
Only the coolest Mexican-American girl I know! Her letters are always full of surprises. I wrote her a rather long letter and added one of my notebooks, a pretty bookmark and some stickers.

to Saar:
I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest with a smiley teabag and I decided to make something similar. I love writing back to Saar because it almost seems as if she's become a real friend, to whom I can say pretty much everything.

to Fab:
I explored my drawing skills once again, because I know Fab's drawings are always fab! ( ;-) ) What do you think about my owl?

to Marlou:
And what do you think about the giraffe? As promised, I sent Marlou postcard #2 in the Brussels' collection I own. 8 more to go :)


from Chitchat:
Yay! I won another giveaway and received this - beautifully wrapped - package from Plastique*, with a pair of earrings, a necklace and a ring. I'm in love. So simple, yet so eyecatching! Can definitely brighten up a plain and simple outfit. Thank you Birte!

from Saar:
Aren't those stamps amazing? ♥ At least I think so. Saar made me a felt pink doughnut, really cute. Her letter was written on an interesting kind of paper, it didn't really feel like normal paper yet the drawings on it are beautiful.

from Eva:
Eva asked me to write a letter/fill up a little package once, and of course I couldn't say no! This is what I received from her (she included so much!). And she made me an owl pendant! Look, how amazing?! She also added a list of her favorite hotspots in Mechelen. Thank you so much for your lovely letter Eva!

from Janina:
A little thank you card I received for giving Janina a few Antwerp tips on her blog :) Thank you!

My plans for today are going to a flea market, drinking some more delicious winter tea and working for school, perhaps writing a letter back to someone :) How about your plans?


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