Sunday, November 04, 2012 11 Comments

Instead of Snail mail Sunday, I'm showing you a glimpse of what my October was like. Thanks to the photo challenge (however I'm not very pleased with my own results..) I díd take my camera with me pretty much all the time, so I took A LOT of pictures this month (over 2000!) :) I'm warning you, this will be a picture overload!


» cuddled with my cats a lot. Such cuties. ♥

» participated in the October photo challenge (I still owe you a week's worth of photos!)

» made some more stamps.

» partied hard & had some cosy get-togethers with friends. (which even involved some experimenting with a fisheye lens!)

» had a few editions of Snail Mail Sunday (1, 2, 3 & 4)

» had the boyfriend play Voldemort for a while.

» attended Paul's birthday party (who turned 65) and danced to the beats of BRZVLL and my friend Laura.

» made another A-line skirt!

» went to a halloween party with my besties.

» experimented with bokeh.

» learned to appreciate fall even more. ♥ sigh.

How was your October? Do you have some nice plans for November?


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