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In September I...

» attended some parties with my sister. Sister love conquers all. ♥

pictures above by Jens Roels

» made owl totebags for friends & family.

» waved out a friend who is now studying abroad (in Huelva - Spain, to be exact) for 6 months.

» waved out another friend :( who is now studying abroad (in Berlin - Germany) for a whole year. Thank god I can visit her.

» participated in the Refashion Challenge/Recykleer 14-daagse by Boomie & made six items (one & two, three, four, five & the post for nr. 6 is on its way!)

» tried to sell some of (mine and a friends') clothes at a flea market. I bumped into Cleo over there! It was nice meeting a fellow blogger!

» sent out and received lots of beautiful snail mail (here & here)

» made a delicious tabouléh and enjoyed eating it with a friend at Park Spoor Noord (she made the best cold pasta ever, yum!)

» participated in 'De Slimste Mens ter Wereld' (a Dutch tv programme). No, just kidding. I just sat in the audience.

How was your September?


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