Photo challenge: october

Monday, October 01, 2012 , 13 Comments

Hello everyone! Tine from Being my own hero had an amazing idea to organize a photo challenge. It's a project that wants to challenge you to take (at least) one photo a day for a whole month, and that in a certain theme.

I couldn't nót participate! Lately, I no longer take my camera with me everywhere I go, and I have to say that I've already regretted it a couple of times in the past. So this is a great opportunity to take more photos and take my camera with me on places I normally wouldn't. Yay for these kind of initiatives! :)

If you're interested in joining in too, check out the list.

Here's my selfportrait for October 1st! (inspired by the the three wise monkeys)

(yup, that's me x3 ;-) )

I'll probably update my progress once a week on Friday, just so you know.

Let me know if you join in as well, I would like to see your pictures!


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