Photo challenge (3)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 , 18 Comments

I was hopelessly behind last week and took a lot of photos, but not at all in the theme of that day. Maybe this challenge just isn't for me. But no sad face at this side of the screen, because I'm glad I tried and I WILL FINISH it!

16. Highlight of the day (hanging with zha boyfriend)

17. Round (the mandarin headed cat)

18. Looking inside (our mailbox = our house in miniature)

19. Ritual (waiting for the train, every morning/afternoon)

20. Autumn (autumn leaves ♥ )

21. Shoes (wearing my flower shoes to brighten the day)

22. Architecture (holy Mary)

23. Shadow

24. What's in your bag?

For the last pictures you'll have to wait until next week, when I'm back from Berlin! :)

P.S. Tips for things to do in Berlin (eat/drink/must-see/musea/cosy places/...) are more than welcome! Please leave them in the comments! Thank you! ♥

Talk to you soon!


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