Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, September 30, 2012 9 Comments


To Ely:
A little package swap I sent to Ely, including a handmade postcard, a vintage postcard, a sewn book in which she can draw & write and some fabric tape. I did an attempt at embellishing the envelope! Nice try, huh?

To Fab:
A llama envelope! I found the illustration in one of my vintage books and figured out Fab would appreciate this one :) I sent her a long letter on my handmade (!) stationary, it's supposed to be an owl, kind of.. Ha ha.

To Saar:
For the refashion project, I wanted to surprise Saar with some fabric scraps I had left. I love that illustration with the mouse.

To Marlou:
Marlou moved to Brussels to study Journalism here in Belgium! So awesome, I hope we get to meet again soon :) I found some amazing post cards from 'Manneken Pis' in the thrift shop and immediately thought of her.


From Jolien:
The last response from Jolien (for now, at least). Her mail is always so colourful and fun :) She even sent me a photo frame (with an adorable little cat sticker)

From Saar:
I adore the letters that Saar sends me. Unbelievable but true, her letters seem to be quicker than an e-mail.. Haha! The little turquoise squid/jellyfish brooch is so cute, I'll wear it with pride!

From Mary:
Two weeks ago I posted my letter I sent out to Mary, and I was so scared that it got eaten by the post, that I was thrilled to find this envelope in my mailbox a few days later! It's so interesting to read and see everything about her life. She made the most adorable flower stickers e-ver and included a quote by Blaise Pascal.

Have you received and sent out mail lately?


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