Snail mail Sunday


to Mary:
I sent this letter to Mary in the US quite some time ago, so I really hope it has already arrived to its destination. I wrote her a letter introducing myself properly and I included some goodies.

to Elise:
My dear friend is now in Berlin, and will stay there for a full year (Erasmus). I'll miss her so much, but of course I can go visit! This was a little package I made while she was still in Belgium.

to Tine:
When I found this amazing mushroom postcard in the thrift shop I instantly thought of sending it to Tine, because she loves nature so much :) And I made my own paper owl, hehe.

to Jolien:
My last letter to Jolien (for now), because I'm starting my studies in Journalism and I really need to make an effort. Luckily, she was very understanding. I'll miss her letters though..

Today I'll be selling my old clothes here, so anyone who lives in Antwerp (or nearby) is very welcome to come take a look!
I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday with my first (two) refashion projects! Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome!

    En toi toi toi voor uw nieuwe studie! Dat gaat bangelijk zijn. Denk ik, toch.

  2. Weer heel wat moois! Ik zie nu pas je nieuwe lay-out. Echt knap! Die tekening is geweldig!

  3. Weer al die leuke briefpakketjes!! Mooi mooi!!

  4. yeay! you decided!
    have fun, nearly new colleague!

  5. damn kzou daar ook is moeten gaan staan! maar ik weet zo'n dingen altijd te laat om da nog georganiseerd te krijgen (opruimen :s) maar soit, gelukkig wel rap effe kunnen gaan kijken, gezellige boel daar!

  6. Ga je journalistiek studeren? :o
    Leuke brieven!

  7. Het eerste pakketje ziet er prachtig uit :)

  8. Leuke brieven! Vooral die naar Mary ziet er awesome uit!

  9. Zulke bescheiden outfitfoto's zijn eigenlijk net veel leuker vind ik! Je hebt echt een hele creatieve en toffe blog!


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