Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, September 02, 2012 , 8 Comments

Like I expected, I got a lot of letters this week. I'm becoming a snail mail addict, I must admit. But is that a bad thing? I think not ;).


from Maija:
I received this awesome postcard from Maija, just to say thanks for the strawberry keyring she won over at this blog. I'm going to hang it on my closet door!

Pwetty balloons!

from Elise:
This girl is the sweetest. Every time I open up a letter she sends me, it fills my heart with joy! (now now, don't become emotional!) Elise will leave in a week or so to study a whole f*$$xking year in Berlin! I'm gonna miss her so much, but thank god for the invention of (snail) mail. This was just a little 'cheer up' letter she sent me during my resits. She also embroided that cute owl all herself! And those Bambi post-its are superduperawesome for sure!

from Fab:
Yay for another fab(ulous) letter! The envelope is wonderful, and that stamp is so intruiging! I loved her letter and the little goodies she included. Expect something back real soon Fab!

from Jolien:
Another colorful letter from Jolien and an adorable wintery postcard :) Aren't those Disney pins ├╝bercool?!

from Saar:
Saar aka the longest letter writer ever sent me another one, she gave me some awesome advice and that was just what I needed. The Japanese puzzles (= Nonogram) she included are actually pretty hard but I managed to solve one (for now..)

from Nicole:
Last, but definitely not least, I received this gorgeous envelope from Nicole. I won a giveaway over at her blog and was so excited to see what I would get! Would you look at all that awesomeness?!

(yes, I am indeed a little bit crazy color scheming those stamps, but it looks so pretty!)

This little mister is my favorite. Mr. Holmes' moustache looks divine.

How was your week? Enjoy your sunday evening! I'm off to study a bit more. Next week I'll be chillaxing again :)


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