Wednesday, September 05, 2012 15 Comments


» went to youth camp for the last time (as a leader), oh and was it a goodie?! Yes it was!

» hosted four guestblogs, one by Fab & one by Saar & one by Jolien & one by Phara.

» colored my hair blue!

» did another outfit post.

» studied and chilled in the sun

» attempted to put on fake eyelashes

» sent out and received lots & lots & lots of snail mail (& made my own stamps)

» cuddled with my blind cat, whose name is 'Tits' by the way (me and my sister named him like that 14 years ago, not knowing what the word means in English of course ;-) ) He is the best.

» ate a delicious bagel in Barnini (goat cheese, salad, honey, tomatoes, pine seed, cream cheese)

» took a new profile picture and edited it. I really like this effect!


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