Oh my, it's a hippie!

Thursday, August 16, 2012 , , , 27 Comments

In this outfit I do feel like a hippie, but that's okay, right? With these temperatures, I tend to grab anything lightweighted out of my closet.

outfit details:
~~ top: h&m ~ skirt: T2 ~ sandals: sac d'anvers ~ jeans jacket: second hand ~ bag: second hand ~~

Birdie nails!

Aaaaaaand a GIF to show you that I can still smile, even though it's study time!

P.S. I pulled my bangs back, so weird to see myself without them! It's been ages since anyone else has properly seen my forehead I think :p

See you on Sunday for a huuuuge snail mail update!

Lots of love,


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