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Hi there! This is Jolien typing. I am a photographer, craft & DIY enthusiast and living a cushy life. I am (photo)blogging over at

When Elisse sent me the invitation to write a guestpost for her superb blog, I immediately said yes. As I have a variery of interests, the foremost problem I stumbled upon was "what should I blog about". After a bit of pondering, I decided I would write about my notebook. You read that right.

I have always liked those creative notebooks. Unfortunately mine is always just text. So for the month of july I decided to keep a little "smash journal" at the back end of my notebook. Smash journaling is a combination of scrapbooking and a journal.

The materials I used were all found in and around the house, so smash journaling can be cost-free! I used pencils, ribbons, pictures, paper, stickers, tape, paint and so much more.

July was a very busy month, so I had a lot of photographs an such to smash into my book. BUT this activity is also a bit time consuming, wich resulted in having to do this with my last breath before I went to bed. Therefore, my suggestion is to keep a smash journal about your most precious memories or your holiday, and not just about any other day.

So I got a bit bored halfway, but I love the look of my colourful notebook.

Thank you Jolien! You're such a creative mind :)


  1. Looks good! Last week I was looking at my stack of emtpy notebooks (I buy them all the time - there's something about them which is hard to define; maybe that you can confide your innermost secrets to it just as well as something you find on the street - and when you close it, no one can see what it holds!) and I made the decision to do a 'wreck this journal' with one of my own instead of buying one :)

  2. Fijn, wil ik ook eens proberen!

  3. Ik wou dat ik dat heel de tijd met mijn notitieboekjes kon doen, want 't ziet er echt zo zalig en inspirerend uit, alleen jammer dat het zoveel tijd kost... (Daarom dat ik mij gewoonlijk vooral uitleef op de kaft van mijn boekjes :D)

  4. I loooove looking at other people's art journals. So awesome! :D

  5. Wow, that's really pretty! And such a good tip!

  6. Dat is gewoon supercute! :D En het boekje ziet er gewoon ook fabulous uit!

  7. I tried so hard that now I'm injured :D

    your scrapbook is so cute *w* I'm not enough patient to do things like this : c


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