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Wednesday, August 22, 2012 11 Comments

Hi there! This is Jolien typing. I am a photographer, craft & DIY enthusiast and living a cushy life. I am (photo)blogging over at

When Elisse sent me the invitation to write a guestpost for her superb blog, I immediately said yes. As I have a variery of interests, the foremost problem I stumbled upon was "what should I blog about". After a bit of pondering, I decided I would write about my notebook. You read that right.

I have always liked those creative notebooks. Unfortunately mine is always just text. So for the month of july I decided to keep a little "smash journal" at the back end of my notebook. Smash journaling is a combination of scrapbooking and a journal.

The materials I used were all found in and around the house, so smash journaling can be cost-free! I used pencils, ribbons, pictures, paper, stickers, tape, paint and so much more.

July was a very busy month, so I had a lot of photographs an such to smash into my book. BUT this activity is also a bit time consuming, wich resulted in having to do this with my last breath before I went to bed. Therefore, my suggestion is to keep a smash journal about your most precious memories or your holiday, and not just about any other day.

So I got a bit bored halfway, but I love the look of my colourful notebook.

Thank you Jolien! You're such a creative mind :)


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