Gifts from the blogosphere ♥

Lately I've received so many gifts from you, readers. And that, my dear friends, is OWLsome!! Thank you so much!

Let me start off with these cute owl earrings I got from Olapa. Thanks!! I couldn't resist buying the birdy mirror as well.

I got amazingly cute jewellery from Alexandra, who doesn't even have a blog of her own, but still wanted to send these owls to my place. Thank you dear Alexandra! They are perfect additions to my (little) collection :)

Last, but definitely not least is this owl skirt I got from Kelly (Ma vie en vert) Remember this post where I showed you the package I put together for her? I sent her a bunch of squares of colorful fabric, and the skirt is her way of thanking me. She blogged about it over here.
Zo mag iedereen mij wel bedanken hoor ;-)

photos by Kelly

It fits me like a glove! Thank you ^50187919082349 Kelly! (and I'm sorry for the lazy webcampicture but I haven't found the time yet to take decent pictures of it.. Will do as soon as I'm back, I promise!)


  1. Amai, verwende! Echt schoon, allemaal!

  2. Wat word jij verwend zeg !! Heerlijk!!
    Die ringen en het rokje vind ik echt te gek!!

  3. jij bofkont! zoveel mooie dingen <3

  4. Zoveel uilencadeautjes - "wijs"!


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