Stamp madness

I've made two more stamps to add to my collection. (And yay for my new ink pads!)

A little cat (or maybe it looks more like a fox?)

inspired by tistemie


inspired by this stencil

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for other stamps I could make? I definitely want to make some button stamps and other sewing related ones, like I've seen here.
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  1. dat katje wilde ik ook gaan maken, hihi

  2. Dat katje is leuk! Bij het uiltje dacht ik dan weer eerst aan een pinguïn ;-)

  3. Awesome stamps! I also thought the little owl looks a little bit like a penguin, maybe it's a shapeshifter!

  4. Die kat!!! geweldig!! xx crazycatlady Des :)

  5. Oooh, dat ziet er vrolijk uit! Leuk, leuk, leuk. :)

  6. Superleuk! Het katje lijkt op een kat.
    In het uiltje zag ik in eerste instantie een pinguïn :P

  7. Leuk, leuk, leuk!! Hmm, kat of vos, kan allebei!
    En die pingu...cuuuuute :)

  8. those stamp designs are so cute!! I love it. I still need to get on mine. I haven't any ideas of what to make though. I guess I will just doodle and then from there figure it out. Thanks for the inspiration!


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