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Thursday, July 05, 2012 15 Comments


To Fab:
I actually found out about Fabrizia's blog because of her awesome stationery sets, and then I fell in love with all the beautiful mail she sends and receives, so I wanted to be a part of it! Here's the first letter I sent to her.
p.s. I drew my own cats, with a little help from my cat stamp. Aren't they cute? Shall I post some pictures of them?

to Saar:
Because she sent me a(n awesome!) cat themed letter, I couldn't not include these cute cat stickers and illustration. And now that I had discovered I wasn't thát bad at drawing, I made another portrait of my cats!

to Marijke:
For a friend that deserved a little boost during the exams.

Oh yeah, pretty much all the illustrations I add in with my letters come from this board on Pinterest.


From Jolien:
Another super fun package filled with joy! That handmade birthday card is so cute! Clever idea! In the bird envelope I found handmade iron-on patches: one owl and one moustache! Definitely will be using those! Thank you Jolien!

From Saar:
She sent the letter in an awesome recycled watermelon seeds bag. She also included some lollies (yum), two adorable split pens (cupcakes!) and a cat bag she got as a birth gift from a friend. Oh my I was so excited opening this one! Thank you Saar!

From Jos:
I won a giveaway from Jos and am now the proud owner of the book 'Tirza' by Arnon Grunberg. I'll start reading it next week while 'enjoying' the bus ride to the Czech Republic!

P.S. Don't forget to join the giveaway!

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