Snail mail Sunday

Look at this massive amount of snail mail that was waiting for me when I got home from vacation. That sure was a happy day.


From Bien:
A couple of weeks ago Bieneke asked me to do a little swap. Of course I was in! These lovely items are what she sent me: a pen, three handmade magnets, a little owl pendant, knitted panels and a beautiful little book that says 'notes from Elisse'. Such a fun package!

From Jolien:
Another letter from one of my penpals. She included a little origami bird, three small balloons and cute colourful pearls for a sewing project :)

From Saar:
Saar wrote a really long letter - like she usually does, and which I like a lot! - about all kinds of things. She always includes goodies, and this time that was a feather, a little button, a teeny tiny coloring page and the best (+ BIO!) parfum ever! (Also approved by Mr. Boyfriend)

From Elizabeth
Elizabeth asked me to do a swap and this is what she put together. Isn't that owl amazing? I think so. Those stickers are adorable. Thank you Ely!

From Mary
This sweet letter came from Mary, all the way from the US. I loved it all: her beautiful handwriting, the stories she told me, the owl drawing she made herself, all the cute things she included. Thank you so much Mary!

♥ ♥ ♥

From Marlou
Marlou sent me a letter on the cutest stationery and she included - oh dear - owl tissues. I must say I think they're too pretty to use... But I probably will, while watching a Disney movie or something. :)

From Elise:
A letter I got from a dear friend while I was in the Czech Republic. She was on camp with the youth movement at the time and included the most adorable letter from one of the kids. Haha.

That's it for now! You'll have to wait til next week to see what I sent out :)


  1. Zooo veel, iets zegt mij dat je iets met uiltjes hebt

  2. What lovely colourful mail to come home to and even better is the contents :). Its all so cute and I would never want to use it :)

  3. Wat heb je veel leuke dingetjes gekregen zeg! Weetje, elke keer als ik een uiltje zie, doet het met aan jou denken haha! Liefs, Hillery

  4. Ik heb die zakdoekjes ook! Heb ze nog steeds niet durven gebruiken.

  5. Anoniem29.7.12

    Wat leuk! Ik heb een tijdje ook swapjes gedaan. Het is zo leuk om die enveloppe thuis te krijgen!

  6. Anoniem29.7.12

    Zo wil ik ook wel thuiskomen! ;)

  7. Wat een ongelooflijk fijne post weer!

  8. Oe wat fijn weer allemaal!!

  9. hebberig&vrolijk word ik hiervan! Ik dacht trouwens: wat eenv rolijke gele vlekjes hahahaha maar dat heb je natuurlijk er zelf op gedaan

  10. Anoniem30.7.12

    Ohh, superleuk, zoveel post! <3 Ik ben echt gek op brieven, pakketjes, kaarten :)

  11. Wat een heerlijke blog heb je! & wat een fijne post!

  12. Your mail is so pretty! Luck you to have come home to this from vacation. Must've made coming home a lot more pleasant :) You have such creative pen pals!!

  13. heej ,
    Leuke blog heb jij seg !

    ps: kom je ook eens langs op mijn blogje?


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