Sunday, July 01, 2012 11 Comments

Although June was a boring month because it was filled with lots and lots of studying, I relaxed a bit as well. That's allowed, right?!


» sent lots & lots of snail mail, received some as well & showed some of my favorite snail mailish tutorials.

» loved being able to walk around the house barefooted.

» made a few things, like this moustache stamp and this pimped vest.

» drank caramel tea I got from Marlou. Unfortunately it didn't taste as good as I was hoping.

» Wrecked My Journal and enjoyed it so much.

» tricked my friends into letting them think I got a tattoo. It's a nice one though, but a fake.

» gave the blog layout a little makeover.

» had relaxing evenings by the river (it seems like I always make the same pictures there, weird to see!)

» did another Owl you need is love post.

But most of all, I studied. Hardcore.

And I occasionally admired my retro lamp.

How was your June? Did you make any plans for the holidays yet?


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