Sent mail ✉

Friday, June 22, 2012 24 Comments

To Emmel:
Because she said she liked my snail mail stamp so much, I made a duplicate and sent it to her. Also, I love her artwork and illustrations.

Yay for sewn envelopes! They're so much more personal.

To Jolien:
A loooong letter, some stamps, a few illustrations, some handmade fabric tapes and nail stickers from the 90's!

To Jessi:
I know she likes clouds, so when I found this amazing cloud stationery (over here) I couldn't nót include it. I also got her some handmade fabric tape, a little owl to assemble herself (via 3eyedbear) and a flower card.

To Marlou:
Just a little note, because I found this amazing hot-air balloon stationery (over here as well). I included some handmade fabric tapes.

Envelopes. The letter on top left is on his way to someone else, but I'll update you about that one later. :)


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