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April has been a busy month.

(source: tumblr)

I ...

» started the month with some good ol' thriftshopping and bought this Voigtländer (also known as my new love, sorry boyfriend).

» had a wonderful evening with some friends.

picture by Sophie Bell

» did a lot of sewing projects (& a few more waiting to be photographed and put on the blog).

» went bowling, and sucked at it.

» made a paper hat and acted silly.

» baked a melancholic chocolate cake with my friends to remind ourselves of the jolly good times. It was yummy. We filled it with frozen red fruit and crème fraîche.

» put together a little package for la merlette blanche.

» visited Van Katoen and the ghost town Doel.

» hosted my second giveaway, yay to that!
Here's what I sent out to the winners.

To Sara (a petty bourgeoisie)

To Mlle Assorti

» made paper snowflakes out of old magazines, newspapers, etc. There's a tutorial coming up for you guys!

» learned a friend how to sew. She made this awesome little owl plushie for her newly born godchild.

Do you like this new way of 'reviewing' my month? How was your April?


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