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Wednesday, March 14, 2012 , 17 Comments

I love sending and receiving snail mail, here's a little peek at what I sent and received the last couple of weeks.

Letters sent:

To Marlou (heimarlou)

photos by Marlou

To Casper (spook)

photos by Casper

All three selfstitched cards:

The top one flew to Marcrista (stoffieleut).

Letters received:

Birthday cards! Some of them in Disney theme as well. I love how the little card says "Uilisse".

Card with a little birdie on it that I got from Marcrista.

The give-away I won from Merula, with the most awesome stuff in it EVER. I'm not even joking, I opened the package and I instantly fell in love with all the little treasures that I found in it.


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