No Impact, no shopping

Friday, March 02, 2012 , , 30 Comments

For my New Years' resolutions this year I really wanted to do something about my shopping addiction. Last year I bought a lot of stuff that I barely wear.

I allow myself to buy 1 NEW item every month, and second-hand shopping, swapping with friends and thrifting is still permitted. (I love it too much, and it is eco friendly, right?)

So here's what I bought in January and February.

January - simple black wedges: Schoenenreus, €20
February - oversized flower dress: Wibra (FOR REAL!! And it only cost me €10)

scarf: H&M - tights: stocksale - leather jacket: Bershka - bag: second hand - kelim boots: Sacha - ring: gift from my boyfriend

photos by Sophie Bell


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