7 February in pictures

Thursday, February 09, 2012 27 Comments

The 7th of February was quite the busy day for me, so I decided to do a little project: a photo an hour-project to be exactly. Well, kind off. I didn't really take pictures of e v e r y t h i n g because that would've been a bit silly.

8:30 am
Getting up at my boyfriends' place. No photos from moody boyfriend and moody Elisse.

8:45 am
Kissing the boyfriend goodbye because he had to go to his job. I took the tram home and decided not to take the usual road, but to take a walk in the park and to snap a few pictures of the snow.

9:15 am
Arriving home and eating breakfast, including a grapefruit. It's so yummy I'm gonna die!

10 am
A bit of surfing on the www, visiting my favorite blogs, and so on.

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11 am
My sister and I took the bike together to go exercising (and to be more precise: bodystyling). Afterwards we spent 15 minutes in the "ozoncabine" for complete relaxation. We took a shower and went back home.

1:30 pm
Lunch time!

And look at our backyard. I loooooove our cats!

2:30 pm
I did a bit of research/preparation for my birthday party this saturday. I'm turning 21 and I just had to throw a birthday party! The theme is - of course - Disney.

3:30 pm
My bangs needed a haircut.

4 pm
Going to the garage with my dad to pick up our car. CIB-ke is all better now, I guess he just couldn't really stand the cold.

5 pm
Doing my nails and make up.

6 pm
Dinner time! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures.

7 pm
Making my bag and taking the train to Ghent with a dear friend.

Me and 4 female friends had a little city trip in Ghent 7 - 8 February. It was lovely. We had a lot of catching up to do. If you're curious to see some pictures from our citytrip, let me know, then I'll post some of my favourite places in Ghent!


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